Ahad, 4 Julai 2010

.:: FORGIVE ME ::.

It's such a cold night  
And it's so dark
Walking down the streets of memories

I'm here all alone
With no one by my side
It's only me thinking of you
With hands full of sin

Allah..here I come
Allah…I'm crying for forgiveness
Although I have betrayed you
So many times in the past
A lord, it's so fair for you to punish me

In the morning light
On a sunny day
Crying happy tears
Coz I'm free

I need you to guide me
Protect me don't ever leave me
Strengthen my faith light up my heart
With the light of iman

Allah…I want to thank you for saving me
Allah….thank you for giving me hope
I promise you I won't betray you
Any more a lord

I hope you'd always guide me
And lead me to happiness
With the ones you love
Together in paradise


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